Women’s Soccer Game Turns Into Chaos As Punches Are Thrown

An all-out brawl broke out during an Ole Miss and LSU women’s soccer game on Sunday before three players were ejected.

The incident occurred during the game’s second overtime of the SEC Tournament with LSU’s Maya Gordon and Ole Miss’s Ramsey Davis fighting for the ball near the touchline.

Gordon tried to steal the ball from Davis. Gordon briefly succeeded but as she tried to run with the ball, Davis grabbed her by the waist. Gordon turned around and punched Davis. Davis didn’t back down and reciprocated by swinging fists. The fight escalated and officials ran to separate them.

The fists then began to fly from both players with a series of punches being exchanged, many hitting their target.

The referee unsuccessfully tried to break up the fight when two of Gordon’s teammates intervened with No. 8 Shannon Cooke pushing the two apart before dragging her fellow teammate to the side.

Ole Miss coach Matt Mott, placed his arm around Davis as he tried to escort his player off to the sidelines.

However, that was not the end of the offensive behavior. LSU’s Rammie Noel decided to get into the action in an attempt to defend her teammate.

Noel shockingly charged at Davis and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to the ground.

Coaches from both teams stepped in to eventually break up the brawl before the referee showed Davis, Gordon, and Noel red cards.

LSU’s senior Maya Gordon could later be seen being ushered off the field by a member of staff as she shed tears while holding her hair.

With two LSU players ejected, things only went downhill for the Tigers as they suffered a 3-0 defeat to Ole Miss.

Reportedly, all three players have received a one-game suspension for their involvement in the fight.



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