Watch: Gym Bro Had A Great Idea, Turns Out It Was A Very Bad Idea

Social media fitness influencer went viral but not for what he had hoped.

Bradley Martyn attempted to bench press a woman who was working out with him but the “bumper” plate slipped and cracked him in the face.

“Two things I did wrong here: Have her spin around and use a bumper plate,” he explained in a subsequent YouTube video called “I BROKE MY FACE.”

The social media fail started with Martyn lying face up on a gym bench while holding the heavy round rubber plate like he was going to bench press it. Then the woman stepped on the plate, trying to keep her balance as Martyn started to press, lifting her.

Seconds later, the woman squats down, and the disc slips out of Martyns hands hittinghim in the face.

Martyn said, “I tried to lift a girl. Now, I’ve done this before where a girl sat down on a plate and I pressed her. But, someone was like, ‘Why don’t you have her stand up?’ and I was like yeah, that’s cool, that’s easy.”

The social media influencer is lucky the plate only required him to need stitches.

Martyn couldn’t let the stunt beat him and later posted a video of him successfully lifting the woman.

@bradleymartyn Replying to @spillthetgirl ♬ original sound – Bradley Martyn

The weight lifter is seriously lucky he didn’t smash his teeth or break his jaw.

@bradleymartyn Replying to @matt_marcoccia ♬ original sound – Bradley Martyn

Gym fails happen…

You could have seen this coming a mile away…

Sometimes you just have a rough day…

@emilywithanimals BRB cancelling my gym membership ???? #gymtok #gymfails #fittok #fitnessgirls #benchpress #gymfail ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

People really need to be careful when they work out with bands.

@skyarena_fit highlight of the week #foryou #fyp #gymtok #gymfail #gymfails #gymcomedy #gymhumor #fitness #fitnesshumor #explorepage #lifting #calisthenics ♬ original sound – Sky

This happens more often than you think…

@manuela.velezz My instincts were to threaten that mans life ????#gymfails #gym #funny #comedy #fitness #fitfam #workout #falls #motivation #fight #fyp #foryou ♬ Spongebob – Instrumental – Common Cents

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